Monday, October 5, 2009

A Word About the New Blog

Posted by Tom Sawyer

As Dennis Miller would say, "Let's light this candle."

I have invited a friend or two to join me in this little excursion down Heraclitus's metaphorical river. I hope you will grow to appreciate their navigational skills as much as I do. They each have their peculiar strengths to add and I trust my faith in them is well-placed.

We will not always agree. That's a good thing.

But we mostly agree, and in agreeing we hope to put up a strong front for liberty in the face of impending tyranny, a bulwark of truth amidst a modern promenade of pretense.

We hope to challenge you and do not mind if you try to challenge us. We believe we are ready. Truth has nothing to fear from error and to be challenged can do nothing but serve truth's greater cause.

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