Friday, October 16, 2009

More NFL Hypocrisy & More on the Limbaugh Libel

Posted by Tom Sawyer.

While we are on the subject of the NFL and its leftist stance, I thought I might bring you this little gem I found in Mark Steyn's mail bag:

Here is something to write about on the subject of the NFL and Rush. . . . If I recall the details correctly, Arizona was the only state to allow their citizens to vote on whether the gov't employees should get a paid day off or not, and call it Martin Luther King day. They voted it down. Not the recognition, just the idea of giving state employees another paid vacation.

The NFL yanked the Super Bowl from Phoenix as punishment.

Someone from Arizona called the NFL offices on MLK day on a hunch. Turns out that it is just another day for NFL employees. A spokesman said that it is a busy time of year for them, so they can't honor MLK by giving their workers the day off.

Dave Mikelson
Saint Paul, Minnesota
And about Rush Limbaugh, there was also this at the American Thinker, written by a guy who obviously was looking at Mark Steyn's mail bag at the same time I was yesterday.


One Salient Oversight said...

To a hammer, it is said, everything looks like a nail. To Rush Limbaugh, everything looks like a vast left-wing conspiracy. The conservative talk-show barker was booted this week from an investors’ group seeking to buy the St. Louis Rams pro football franchise. After some players said they would not play for a team owned by him, Limbaugh told his radio audience he was the victim of “blind hatred.’’ But the pied piper of the Right doesn’t want his fans to feel sorry for him. “I have lost very little,’’ he told them. “On the other hand, our country has lost a great deal.’’

Limbaugh’s ditto-heads ought to realize that the left-wing conspirators did their guru a great favor. After all, the NFL is a socialist enterprise in which TV revenues are shared equally, all teams accept the same salary cap, and the draft each spring is structured to reward weak teams for failure and punish the strong for their success. Even Limbaugh would have a hard time justifying membership in such a collectivist club.

Boston Globe

Tom Sawyer said...

That same sentiment was also expressed over at Hillbilly White Trash.