Monday, October 26, 2009

The Problem With the GOP

Posted by Tom Sawyer.

The problem with the GOP is clearly exposed and represented by this post that went up last night at big government. It was written by a gentleman named Patrick Tuohey. In his post he expresses the exact opinion which has led to the liberal take-over of the Republican Party. Election cycle after election cycle this party now ignores its base and gives in to the Left in an effort to attract "moderates and undecideds." The Republicans are simply socialist lite or socialist smarter these days, but nowhere to be found in it is anyone who will give more than lip-service to constitutional government.

The Constitution, remember that?

What is more interesting than Mr. Tuohey's post, however, is the explosion of negative comments the post received. As of this writing there are more than 200 negative responses with maybe three or four positive ones.

The title of the piece: Tea Party Dilemma: Honey, I Shrunk the Party

Read it for yourself. The Republicans still do not get it and it illustrates why they have become and will continue to remain the Loser Party until their epiphany comes.

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