Friday, November 6, 2009

Ann Coulter on Voting for Obama

Posted by Tom Sawyer.

From her latest column, here is the beautiful and audacious Ann Coulter on voting for Obama:

Except the problem is that voting for Obama a year ago was a fashion statement, much like it was once a fad to buy Beanie Babies, pet rocks and Cabbage Patch Kids. But instead of ending up with a ridiculous dust-collector at the bottom of your closet, the Obama fad leaves you with higher taxes, a reduced retirement fund, no job and a one-year wait for an MRI.--Ann Coulter


One Salient Oversight said...

Coulter is a wind bag who says whatever she thinks will make her readers go "Hell yeah!".

The current recession and loss of jobs is due almost entirely to decisions by conservative politicians, most notably Reagan's "live on credit" and Bush's "tax cuts for the rich".

Median wages in the US were going nowhere for 3 or so years before the recession hit. Conservatives policies ensured that.

Then you have conservatives in charge of FEMA during Hurricane Katrina. Not to mention conservatives telling everyone that Saddam Hussein is a boogeyman who has WMDs and will use them to destroy the world!

In short, the last 25-30 years of conservatism has been a complete mess.

The Dude said...
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Tom Sawyer said...

OSO, thank-you for representing the Borg. Its opinions are always noted.

Dude, I shot off an email to Friar Rick whom I like to think of as the conscience of our meta and he relates back to me that we should only allow those vulgarisms which can be construed as allusions to the Authorized King James Version of the Bible--this, I think, in reference to the fundamentalist pastor James referenced who was burning all other versions. So, in short, if it is found in the Old King James it can be used. If not, then, we would kindly ask you to refrain.

Fair enough?

The Dude said...

okay, man, i feel you so i changed it. Tell the good friar not to get uppity. Here's the sanitized Republican Jerry Falwell version.

I feel you, man. Ann reminds me of my second wife. Hot, yes, but man was she always &i@tching about something!

Can I say &i@tch on this blog?

Now what I'm about to tell you you might not believe because trust me it is way out there but I swear it is absolutely true. My third wife was actually named Katrina. Now there's another woman that could scare the bejesus out of a republican gunrack totin gay hater like Bush. I lost my job to because of Bush, btw.

So this is for you, one salineient oversight, whenever I read yours comments I just wanna say "Hell yeah!" cause you know it, friend, that your right on the money.

Friar Rick said...

Now, Tom. Did we really have that conversation?